Harlequin Arts Academy Policies

Fees are to be paid monthly by the first class of the month, any late fees will be charged at £2.00 per week overdue. For your convenience fees are collected by standing order and are the same amount each month. All classes must be paid for regardless of whether your child attends or not.
Children should be dressed appropriately for dance or drama class in the required uniform. No jewellery to be worn and long hair to be tied away from the face preferably in a bun for classical ballet. A list of uniform requirements can be found on the notice board.

Please ensure children arrive for class on time and are collected on time. All children are to be
collected from the waiting area, please advise the class teacher of any alternate collection arrangements.

The principal is responsible for all placements of students in appropriate classes, please honour their professional judgment. Advancement is not automatic. Ability to apply instruction, concentration and level of interest all contribute to steady development along with regular attendance. The principal has the right to withdraw any student who is not working to the level required and to place them in a lower grade. Performing arts is disciplined; any child who behaves in an unacceptable or destructive way will be removed from the academy.

If a parent wishes to remove their child from class, 4 weeks written notice must be given prior to them leaving or fees to be paid for the same length of time.

Parents are responsible for any examination fees they permit their child to be entered for. This includes any centre or pianist fees.

Children are not normally permitted to leave the room during classes, please ensure younger children especially have used the toilet before they join class.

Harlequin Arts Academy aims to treat all children fairly and to give honest advice to parents,
if you are unhappy with any aspect of the service given please contact the school principal who will do their best to resolve the problem.